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Presentations, Exhibits on Local Black History Close Out Monthlong Focus
black history month convocation

Following several weeks of study and discussion, students on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus concluded Black History Month by sharing historical presentations and exhibits with their peers during special convocations in early March.

Focusing on local Black historical figures, students worked on collaborative demonstrations in their Advisory groups. Each advisory was assigned an influential Black figure in Florida’s past or present history and was tasked with researching that person highlighting the following questions: how did your influential figure promote a sense of belonging and inclusion; and how did they show pride and improve their community in Florida. Sixth and seventh graders presented the information they learned through posters, bulletin boards, flipbooks, videos and creative productions. Eighth graders shared what they learned through performances during dedicated convocations. Some students shared skits while others presented readings, songs or text.

Black History Month was a showcase of important information on local Black history. On February 14, Norman Studios Media and Outreach Director Devan Lesley spoke to students about historical Arlington film production house, Norman Studios. In the 1920s, studio founder Richard Norman produced silent films featuring African-American casts from 1919-1928. The films were made for Black audiences and Norman Studios was the first business of its kind to make this possible. Norman made eight silent films before closing his studio. On February 22, Durkeeville Historical Society President Lloyd Washington spoke with students about the Negro Baseball League in Jacksonville. For more photos from the March 3 convocation, visit our online gallery.