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Posick Sisters Donate Their Hair to Nonprofit


girl with hair

Sophie Grace Posick ’22 and sister Lilybeth Posick ’28, a fifth-grader on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus, recently cropped their long COVID locks in support of children with illnesses.

This is the 10th time Sophie Grace has donated her hair to the nonprofit, Children With Hair Loss. The organization makes wigs out of the hair and donates them to children battling hair loss-causing sickness. Lilybeth also is a veteran hair-donator. In fact, donating hair is a personal mission of all three Posick sisters – including Meghanne ’26  and their mother, Stacey Posick, the music and drama teacher on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus. Meghanne has cut and shared her hair before and Stacey has given her hair to others four times.

These Bulldog haircuts are adorable and made even more stunning by the look of love they exude. Thank you for your example of compassion, Posick Family!

girl with hair