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Posick '22, Ford '23 Place in Incubate 1 Debate Competition
incubate 1

Bolles debaters Sophie Grace Posick ’22 and Campbell Ford ’23 placed fifth and sixth respectively as finalists in the first Incubate debate of the season. It was held virtually October 9. Posick and Ford were among 127 Florida competitors who participated in the event. Caylee Padgett ’24 received the Top Novice award for her performance. Fellow Bolles competitors Daniel Waheed '23, Nilesh Patel '22 and Tyler Schimpff '22 all reached the semifinal round.

The Bolles students are coached by Bolles English teacher and speech and debate Coach Marie Kervin. Competition judges were impressive and included Ivy League professors, Washington think-tank contributors, writers, advisors and active military personnel.

The next Incubate debate will be held November 13. Kervin said new members and participants are welcome.