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Ponte Vedra Beach Campus Library Hosts Ribbon-Cutting
ribbon cutting of library

It’s a new chapter in the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus Library! Librarian Christina Karvounis hosted ribbon-cutting events throughout the day October 19 to introduce students to the newly refurbished campus library.

Each class enjoyed their own personal ribbon-cutting event, complete with red ribbon and large scissors, before settling into their new book reading “amphitheater” near the library entrance. After reading a special library-themed book to students, Karvounis reviewed library policies before taking them on a brief tour of their newly remodeled space. The library now includes curved shelving spaces that can be reconfigured, as well as cozy reading nooks and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy books. Each visit ended with time for students to peruse the collection of 7,000 books and check out their selections.

The library has been limited in recent school years due to COVID policies and the refurbishment. Karvounis said it was exciting for students who had enjoyed the library in years past to see the changes. By all accounts, the Bulldogs were thrilled to be back in the shelves once again!

The mission of the Bolles Lower School Library program is to ensure children grow as global and empathetic citizens by becoming engaged and enchanted by print and digital literature, growing as effective users of information and deepening their critical thinking and research skills.

For more photos of a Grade 1 visit to the renovated library, enjoy our online gallery here.