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Peer Pen-Pal Initiative Set to Begin
pen pals playing

One of the biggest strengths about the Bolles community its peer-to-peer programming, which connects students to younger and older across the School’s four campuses. Some of the events connect upper school students to fifth graders for special gatherings that prepare younger students for middle school life while others bring “lifer” upper school students together with the youngest students on their alma mater campuses. All help unite students in the community and provide opportunities for everyone to learn from each other.

A favorite peer connection activity is the upper school/Grade 2 Pen Pal program. This initiative is set to begin with an organizational meeting for upper school letter-writers January 21. After that, older peers will be paired with a second-grader from one of Bolles’ two lower school campuses and the correspondence will begin! The program gives lower school students the opportunity to practice their writing skills and learn conversational skills and provides upper school students the chance to interact with younger people and find meaningful connection points. The Pen Pal program concludes each semester with a special picnic lunch on the upper school campus, where the letter-writing pairs finally get to meet in-person and enjoy catching up over a meal.