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Ten Bolles Students to Participate in Summer International Programs
group of children smile for photo holding various countries' flags

Ten students from The Bolles School have been selected to represent the United States this summer in international leadership programs sponsored by the nonprofit Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV). The students range from rising fifth graders to a soon-to-be junior and will travel to various destinations in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Brooks ’31, Victoria ’31 and Sacha ’32 will participate in a month-long “Village” camp in the Philippines and Austria with youth from 12 other countries. These students will participate in games and activities that stimulate interest and learning about other cultures and create lasting bonds of friendship among children from different countries. London ’32 was also selected to participate in the local FACES CISV camp.

Alex Meyers ’30, Karsyn Wilkins ’30 and Laya Pakala ’29 will attend international youth meetings held in Turkey, Pennsylvania and Norway with youth from eight countries. The students will explore aspects of a theme that affects us all, such as democracy, and share their perspectives and learn from each other.

Kaia Roychowdhury ’28 will participate in an exchange program where she will host a student from Italy for two weeks and then go live with her family later in the summer – allowing them to share their family, lives and cultures.

Olivia Bassin ’27 will attend a three-week camp in Sweden, along with groups from 10 other countries, where she will be responsible for planning and leading her fellow delegates in activities designed to develop intercultural awareness, self-awareness, leadership skills and cooperative skills. 

Sahana Gummadi ’26 will serve as a junior counselor at a month-long “Village” camp in South Korea, where she will help lead activities for 11-year-olds from 12 other countries to build friendships, self-confidence and mutual understanding. 

Founded after World War II, CISV is an independent, non-political, worldwide volunteer organization that educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world. #BollesGlobal