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Neighbors Gift Bolles Band With Music Collection

Marty and Shirley Zielinski, who live nearby The Bolles School and have taught private music lessons to many Bolles Band students over the years, shared a generous gift, melodious with the School’s music program.

The couple donated printed sheet music and books to the Bolles Band, including about 1,000 solo, ensemble and etude books. Bolles Band Director Maggie Vance said purchasing these materials new would cost upwards of “multiple thousands of dollars.”

Vance went to the couple’s home last week to receive the music and thank the couple personally. She said the couple wants to see the music used and appreciated by students. Marty Zielinski is 90 and still plays the trumpet. In years past, he taught lessons to brass musicians. Shirley Zielinski taught woodwinds. Both would come to campus during band class or Activities period and also hosted private lessons in their house.

“The Zielinskis love the Bolles Band program,” Vance said. “When I went to pick up the music, I saw pictures of former band students and our concert performances – they came to every one!”