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Middle School Robotics Teams Advance to Regionals
robotics team

The Bolles Blue Bulldogs and the Bolles Orange Hounds, the robotics teams on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus, both won accolades and a green light to advance to regionals at the district competition last weekend.

Both teams received Robot Design Awards and both will be moving on in competition. The Bolles middle school teams, along with the four robotics teams from the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach and Whitehurst Campuses, will be among the top 50 teams in Northeast and Central Florida competing to earn bids to the state championship and international invitational events.

The Blue Bulldogs includes students Meghanne Posick ’26, Sarah Park ’25, Victor Zhang ’25, Bowen Body ’26, Andrew Wolpoff ’26, Kieran Roychowdhury ’25, Rohan Deshmukh ’25 and Jay Alanghat ’26. (shown above)

The Orange Hounds includes students Mayra Grajales ’26, JohnMarko James ’26, Jayan Deshmukh ’26, Caden Spohr ’26, Charlie Milian ’26, Jay Manohar ’26 and Michael Shad ’26. (shown below)

robotics team

The teams are coached by middle school teachers Gabi Fudge and Mark Meyers. Let’s go, Bulldogs! For a link to photos from the event, visit this online gallery.