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Meyers-Labenz ’24 Receives Debate Trophy From Spring Performance
alex labenz meyers

Alex Meyers-Labenz ’24 recently received the actual trophy for his strong middle school debate performance at The Red Devil Rhetoric, a competition held last school year in Jackson, Georgia. The “hardware” arrived at the upper school campus this school year, so last week was the first time Meyers-Labenz was able to take possession of it.

Meyers-Labenz won first place in the “Dramatic Performance” event at the Georgia tournament. He performed a free-verse poetry selection entitled, “Good Job Buddy,” and earned top scores from his judges in both rounds of competition. Currently, he is working on several competitive pieces for this year’s competitions.

Meyers-Labenz received special recognition from competition organizers for his work as a middle school debater during the spring 2020 event. The Bolles teams did well at the competition but had to make a hasty retreat. His teammates from the upper and middle school teams, along with their coaches, had to leave the competition early due to bad weather and tornadoes.