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Loyalists, Patriots Face Off in Revolutionary War Debates

Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus fifth graders participated in lively debates as part of their Revolutionary War studies in lower school teacher Laura Ropp’s history classroom.  

As part of the lesson, students were divided into Loyalists, Patriots and jurists to engage in important dialogue about some of the time’s most pressing matters. Patriots, colonists who wanted the American colonies to be independent of Britain, were at odds with Loyalists, who were committed to the King of England and wanted the 13 American colonies to remain under his rule.

To cement these important facts and arguments, Loyalists and Patriots made their cases, and a panel of jurors questioned each side. Students were dressed to play the part, and all enjoyed framing their knowledge of the Revolutionary War in a current debate-like classroom setting.

For pictures of the Revolutionary War debates, visit our online gallery here.