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Leprechauns Arrive for Seasonal Visit to PreK
students pointing at leprechaun door

Leprechauns have magically appeared for their annual visit to Whitehurst Pre-K. The small, mythical trouble-makers stir up all kinds of fun during their seasonal stay on campus. Pre-K teachers include tales of Irish folklore as part of the class literacy program. Stories of rainbows and gold coins also are incorporated into math games, art activities and dramatic play lessons. After getting comfortable in the playground tree canopy abode, the leprechauns eventually move toward the riverfront classroom where students have designed festive “traps” with enticing lures. St. Patrick’s Day is always a celebratory surprise when students discover the traps have been sprung and their classroom is a mess. To date, no leprechaun has actually been snared, but the School’s littlest bulldogs are always caught up in the fun.