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JSO Detective, Officer Visit With Kindergarteners
jso with kids

A police officer and a detective from the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office visited with Kindergartners on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus October 19 to talk about their important work as community helpers and first responders.

Det. Neil Chandler, husband of upper school history teacher Allison Chandler and father of two Bulldogs, led the outdoor presentation against the backdrop of his car and another patrol vehicle. The officers and detective showed students their badges, protective gear and interior features of their cars. The detective’s most important gear? Cool sunglasses and a cool strut, of course! Students also enjoyed holding the helpers’ badges and handcuffs and asking questions of their guests. Bolles loves community helpers! Representatives from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department are slated to visit students on campus later this week! For more photos from the JSO visit, please enjoy our online gallery.

jso with kids