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It’s International Education Week!
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 The Bolles Student Diversity Committee is hosting International Education Week events November 15-19 on the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus. Most activities will be held during Activities period or during lunch and many of the week’s initiatives will be on display throughout campus. The goal is to encourage conversation and shared experiences on world travel and culture. The week’s schedule includes the following:

 Monday, November 15:

Parallel Timeline Posters: To decorate the campus for IEW, Student Diversity Committee members worked to design and create posters, each displaying info about two historical events that happened simultaneously. These posters remind viewers that history happens everywhere, all the time, and lets students learn more about their own and other cultures.

Friendship Pins: At the benches during Activities and lunch, students can make friendship pins using seed beads and safety pins to replicate the symbolic colors of culture groups students identify with. They can make pins for themselves or to share with friends!

Tuesday, November 16: Idiom Scavenger Hunt: Language is an essential part, and a delightful part, of culture. Idioms are sayings that have a literal meaning but also a figurative one. Trying to guess the figurative meaning of different idioms from around the world gives structure to this game where students will work together to search for idioms taped on buildings around campus and try to match them to their respective meanings.

Thursday, November 18: Lunch-and-learn Study Abroad Panel: students are invited to a lunchtime meeting with students, faculty and alumni who have studied abroad. This informative discussion will share stories and strategic tips for getting the most out of your study abroad experience.

Friday, November 19: IEW Kahoot and Escape Room: In Activities, clubs can participate in a Kahoot contest testing geographical and cultural awareness and earning the winning club a cash prize to donate to the charity of their choice. On Friday evening, members of the Student Diversity Committee and the International Students Union will participate in an Escape Room activity and a sweet treat afterwards!