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Happy Earth Day From Bartram!

Laura Boswell's students on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus are celebrating Earth Day with a scavenger hunt, which included taking a photo using nature found around campus.

Students’ list also included finding a renewable, natural resource, litter that can be recycled, a pollinator, a recycling symbol, something from nature they enjoy looking at, a machine that uses fossil fuels for energy, a light not being used that can be turned off, a reusable item, flowers blooming and litter that could be composted. They also were tasked with taking a photo of the campus’ African Spur-Thighed tortoise, Gertie.

The team of Louis Joos '26, Charlie Milan '26, Katie Boston '26 and Eliza Hicks '26 captured the spirit of the day quite nicely. Happy Earth Day, Bulldogs! #BollesBartram #BulldogProud