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Darryl Bellamy speaking to students in gym
Guest Speaker Encourages Students To Be Fearless

An all-upper school convocation was held on Thursday, September 15 featuring Darryl Bellamy Jr. — a TEDx speaker and owner of Fearless Inside, a movement that has inspired thousands of students to act beyond their worries, fears and anxiety.

To date, Bellamy Jr. has collected and read more than 55,000 written and virtual fears, making him an expert on the subject. DJ Moore introduced Bellamy to his upper school audience. Students enjoyed his high energy and engaging presentation. They learned that others share their same fears and that they aren’t alone. 

At the conclusion of the convocation, Bellamy handed out black wrist bands to everyone in attendance to remind each of them that they were fearless. Following the convocation, Bellamy ate lunch with some faculty members and later, spoke with small groups of students from the Black Student Union and the Student Global Connections Committee. Learn more about Fearless Inside HERE.