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Guest Speaker Encourages Self Love at Bartram Convocation
man speaking to kids

Austin J. Franklin, a former student of Bolles middle school math teacher Jackie Willingham, gave students on the Bolles Middle School Bartram some positive energy and wisdom to carry with them as they venture into the New Year.

The CEO and co-founder of Good-Natured Life LLC shared his summary of self-love principles: I will be grateful; I am built to rise; and my mindset drives my future. Franklin engaged students with personal stories and encouraged them to focus on these principles to uplift their minds. Franklin’s mission is to spread kindness, friendliness and patience, the three qualities he describes as his own defining strengths.

Franklin, a speaker, consultant and trainer who has degrees and credentials from Hampden-Sydney College, Rollins College and Harvard Business School is the author of a book, “Wake, Rise and Smile.” He distributed copies of the book to students as they left the convocation. He stayed after his presentation to participate in an onstage interview and met with the courageous conversations class in the early afternoon.