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Gratz ’23 Wins Incubate Competition
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Bolles senior Cameron Gratz ’23 came out on top at the latest Incubate Debate, hosted at The Bolles School on January 7. Gratz won the overall competition, earning $500 for his college fund.

Brody Mills ’25 and Campbell Ford ’23 joined Gratz in the finals, and Lea El Hajj ’24 made it to the semifinals in the tournament. Daniel Waheed ’23 and Abby Bradley ’25 were commended for their performances, and Bolles Speech and Debate coach Marie Kervin nodded to Emerson Smith ’25 as the team’s best novice debater.

This is the second time Bolles has hosted an Incubate Debate.

Topics included:

  • Should we eliminate no-fault divorce?
  • Is the White House’s plan to forgive student debt wise?
  • Should the U.S. conduct surprise airstrikes on Mexican cartels?
  • Body positivity – helpful or harmful?

To view photos from the Incubate Debate, visit our online gallery.