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Grade 8 Mock Trials Conclude Judicial Studies
students in mock trial

Eighth graders on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus have been participating in mock trials this week. A culminating activity for their studies on the Judicial Branch and the American court system, the trials provide students the opportunity to portray specific court roles – including lawyers, witnesses and in some classes, members of the jury.

Students of middle school history teachers Kellie Marks, Cathy McClure and Allison Greene participated in the annual study and demonstration.

Students spent time preparing their questions and arguments as a team before their two-day mock trials in class.

“The mock trial is always a favorite of our Government students,” Greene said. “I’m always impressed by students because they think on their feet. The lawyers often have to come up with questions in response to a witness’ answer and witnesses have to answer questions they weren’t anticipating.”