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Grade 4 Hosts Virtual Florida Day
screenshot of florida day

Each year, Bolles fourth-graders prepare diligently for the Florida Day exhibits and related projects – selecting a famous Floridian, researching important facts about them, then packaging what they learned in a classroom exhibition. Peers, parents and friends circulate through the classrooms to garner new information about Florida’s people, characters and legends.

This year, the production was streamed in a historic first for the campus. With help from music teacher and video magic-maker Beth Zerkowski, the students’ video presentations were collected and woven into the “Whitehurst Florida Day Movie Extravaganza,” which streamed May 12 for the Bolles community to enjoy together.

As has been the case over and over this spring at Bolles, each day and project provides new opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and learning virtually. We are blazing new trails in our Florida classrooms every day and this was one example of students and faculty taking education to the next level at Bolles! Enjoy the video here.