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Geometry Students Utilize 3D Technology

As part of their upper school Geometry studies, students in John Gwynes class participated in a project that was a real blast off. Utilizing the campus 3D printer resources, students were tasked with designing and printing 3D model spaceships.

Students were studying the calculation of an area of 2D figures and the volume of 3D solids.

“I challenged students to design a spacecraft with some design constraints,” Gwynes said. “At a minimum, students had to incorporate the following 3D solids into their design: two square/rectangular prisms; two cylinders, one cone or pyramid and one sphere.”

The first had to make a 2D drawing of their spaceship and then calculate the composite area. Next, they began to build a 3D model using Tinkercad engineering software. After calculating the composite volume of the ship using dimensions from the CAD program, they sent designs to be printed on the 3D printer with technology teacher, Gloria Wood.

The creations were put in displays to showcase them for guests. Great work, Bulldogs!