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Fritton Begins Innovative Distance Learning Lesson on Shadows
shadow with heart

Middle School Drama teacher Michael Fritton is turning distance learning into an opportunity for students to explore expression through shadows.

Fritton’s sixth grade drama class has begun working on a unit called “Fun with Shadows.” The lesson offers students exposure to an alternative style and method of performance art.

The students’ first assignment was to find or make shadows that showed “how they were feeling” and “my life in a physically distancing world.” Their work was haunting, beautiful, silly and hopeful all at the same time.

Click here to watch Fritton's creative introduction to the lesson.

In this video, Fritton shares some of the results of the class' first assignment.

“It is good to see that kids will be kids in all circumstances,” Fritton said. The unit is expected to culminate in the production of a virtual shadow puppet performance.