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Food Drives Successful
girls with cans of food

Food drives on all four campuses concluded November 22 and the results are meaningful.

Collections on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus, Middle School Bartram Campus and Upper School San Jose Campus yielded more than 4,000 food items -- a school record. The food is being delivered today to Woodland Acres Elementary School. The Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus collected 686 cans of food for the Malivai Washington Foundation and Feeding Northeast Florida.

The service opportunity has been a life lesson for all. During the past few weeks, students on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus have been talking about gratitude during their advisor group meetings. A Monday convocation also addressed gratitude and the high level of need there is in our community, particularly in the realm of hunger. Many families in Northeast Florida struggle to put food on the table each day. Students on that campus gave more than 2,000 food items and $1,500 in Publix gift cards. We are grateful for our students’ action and generosity!