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Fifth Graders Light Up with Black Out Poetry Unit
students with black out poems

Students in Traci Salari’s fifth grade classroom are working remotely on a poetry unit that is bringing added dimension to their study of words.

Called “black out poetry,” the lesson is about “found poetry” or words chosen to create a poem.

“We have spent the year practicing the importance of words and choosing words, so I felt this type of poetry was an interesting way to force students to be selective with their word choices and reflect their creativity,” Salari said.

Students could choose either type of black out poetry – completely blacked out or incorporating a picture – to design their works. After finishing the piece, they produced a video of themselves reciting the poem, exhibiting the actual design and explaining their thoughts behind the work. Salari archived their videos on a private FlipGrid, which all were able to access and admire. “FlipGrid made it more personal and engaging,” Salari said.

The class is finishing its poetry unit soon and will be making board games to review poetry terms next week.