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Fifth Graders Arrive at the ‘Peak’
tyler with kids

Fifth graders on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus have been reading and studying the book, “Peak,” a young adult fiction novel by Roland Smith.

The book follows a 14-year-old climber named Peak who ascends Mount Everest and tall buildings in New York following his move from the West. From a family of climbers, Peak learns many life lessons and gains much insight through his pursuit of climbing.

To better garner a sense of the technical aspects of climbing and some of the heights Peak describes, fifth graders took an educational field trip to The Edge rock climbing gym near campus to experience climbing firsthand. In addition to learning about some of the gear discussed in the book, students spent time scaling the walls with each other. President and Head of School Tyler Hodges joined students and their teachers on the adventure. For photos from the day, visit our online gallery.