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Ertekin-Taner ’22 To Be Published in Three Literary Journals
Su Ertekin taner

Written pieces by Su Ertekin-Taner ’22  will be published in three international literary journals.

Her poem “She Said, She Couldn’t” was published by Sheepshead Review, a biannual publication that receives works from writers all over the world. Ertekin-Taner also was published in the literary journal, Inlandia under the Teen Fiction category for her short story, “Game On.” Lastly, Progenitor Art and Literary Journal published a piece she wrote called “Self Pledge” under the adult nonfiction category. The piece was a reflection on her experiences learning and growing during the pandemic. All three pieces will be out in publication in a couple of months and placed on the literary journals’ websites:

"I am so honored to have been published as a teen,” Ertekin-Taner said. “Writing is my passion and has been my passion for years. Writing allows me to funnel my creativity into intricate language and destresses me.”

She said the literary journal submission process has helped her grow as a writer.

“With every submission, I aim to learn from my shortcomings and expand on my strengths,” Ertekin-Taner said. “I have had hundreds of rejections, but what keeps me going is my need to counter those hundreds of rejections from publications with a single success.