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English Teacher Hosts Nationally Renowned Poet in Class
poet vsits class

Bolles English  and creative writing instructor Beth Curran hosted nationally-acclaimed poet Matthew Lippman in her classroom during a virtual workshop April 1. Curran has worked with Lippman on similar workshops over the years, including several online seminars sponsored by Curran’s 2019 Ottenstroer fellowship at Bolles.

Lippman led students in a deeper exploration of poetry techniques and inspirations as they learn more about expressing themselves through words.

Lippman, a Boston-based English teacher, is the author of six poetry collections including 2018 Levis Prize-winner “Mesmerizingly Sadly Beautiful,” “A Little Gut Magic,” “Salami Jew,” Burnside Review Book Prize-winner “American Chew,” “Monkey Bars” and “The New Year of Yellow,” which won the Kathryn A. Morton Poetry Prize and was a finalist for the 2008 Patterson Poetry Prize.