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English ‘Talk Show’ Includes International Cast
online class

At the conclusion of a recent short-story reading, Jessica Boylan’s English II Composition and Literature ESL class hosted a virtual talk show to end the unit with a deeper understanding of the material.

Prior to the show, students were tasked with composing questions to ask a panel. Several students took on roles as the short story’s main characters, and one played the show host. The rest of the class portrayed members of the audience. And all class participants were encouraged to dress up and play the part.

The show “broadcast” during Boylan’s distance learning class May 13 and nine students – many of them international students connecting from their homes abroad – attended. Because of time zone differences, students distance learning from China were unable to attend the show. A student from Spain wore a sequin outfit and held a brush as a microphone to portray the host. Boylan added dramatic flair to the presentation with background music and an applause loop. Students from Austria, Spain and Mexico were also part of the wily cast.

“The class enjoyed being silly and creative while playing certain characters,” Boylan said. “The ‘audience’ was able to interact and figure out the motives of the characters.”