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Eighth Graders Recognized at End-of-year Ceremony
grade 8 student shakes hand of school head on stage

Administrators on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus hosted Eighth Grade Recognition Day on Thursday, May 25.

After completing their last final exam on the middle school campus, students enjoyed a special luncheon in the cafeteria then made their way to Parker Auditorium for the ceremony.

Sohan Patel ’27 gave an inspiring speech to his classmates, faculty and parents in attendance. After Patel’s remarks, Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus Head Josh Bauman called each student to the stage to receive a certificate and a handshake. Bolles President and Head of School Tyler Hodges then offered a handshake making official students’ welcome to the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus.

Festivities concluded with a reception in the Conroy Gymnasium. For photos from the event, visit our online gallery.