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Eighth Graders Launch ‘Egg-stronauts’ in Science
students in science

For their final Physics unit of the year, all Grade 8 students on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus participated in a real middle school rite of passage – “Project Eggcelsior.”

Students worked in pairs to explore and apply scientific concepts including forces,  Newton’s Laws of Motion, momentum, energy transfers, work and power. Their studies took on tangible form when they designed and built 2-liter bottle rockets that would carry “egg-stronauts” up into the air and fall back to Earth safely.

Launches were held for three days on the campus baseball field. Students designed colorful and creative rockets and each launch yielded data points to demonstrate an increase in maximum rocket apogee and a decrease in the average descent velocity of their rockets’ egg cargo. Science teacher Josh Pearson said many of the eggs scrambled upon impact, but others landed sunny-side up.

Regardless of the Egg-stronaut outcome, he said, the project proved to be “egg-citing as well as an incredibly fun engineering egg-perience!”