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Down, Set…It’s Virtual Jaguars Day at Bolles!
coach marrone teaching class

Many classrooms on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst participated in a spirited Jaguars Day on April 20. But none had a more amazing teal-studded time than Kindergartners, who learned an important lesson in math from the top Jaguar-in-charge, Coach Doug Marrone!

Marrone made a special video for the Kindergartners explaining the importance of subtraction and addition. He told students how he keeps 11 players on the field. When he has to pull a player out, he subtracts one from his total number of 11. When he puts a player in the game, he adds a player to make 11. Plus or minus, having 11 players on the field is key! In another real life lesson, Marrone explained how fans look at the score at the end of each game and hope the Jaguars have the larger number on the scoreboard – that means the Jaguars won!

Coach Marrone saved the best lesson for last: listen closely to your teachers. Touchdown, Coach Marrone! Enjoy the lesson below: