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‘Defamation Experience’ Gives Students New Perspectives
students speaking

“The Defamation Experience,” a nationally acclaimed diversity program that explores issues of race, gender and law, took center stage in the McGehee Auditorium February 20. Junior and senior students participated in meaningful dialogue and civil discourse about some of the most pressing social issues of the day.

The performance and program began with a fictional court case acted out onstage. The students participated in the interactive courtroom civil suit drama as the jury. Lawyers presented the case of an African-American female business owners who sues a wealthy Jewish real estate developer for defamation. A 75-minute trial ensued. After the testimony, the judge worked with the students to deliberate and determine a consensus – deciding the outcome of the trial.

A post-show discussion followed, providing students the opportunity to share their own opinions and reflections on issues raised during the trial.