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Culture Fair Promo Highlights Bolles’ Vibrant Community
student cooking

For the first time in Bolles Culture Fair history, students can access both a sense of representation and newfound- knowledge of global lifestyles through a virtual experience – the Bolles Culture Fair is on Instagram, and it is an extraordinary showcase of the Bolles community’s cultural diversity.

To follow the Bolles Culture Fair page on Instagram, search @bollesculturefair. For a few examples of what students have been showcasing on this page, visit our online gallery here.

Students Aditi Ranjan ’23, Mariam Asad ’23, Isabel Bassin ’24, Zee Curtis ’24 and Donya Pordeli  ’21 have been making various infographics and stories about pop culture, music, traditions and holidays from around 60 different cultures represented at Bolles. These range from Pacific Islander and South Asian cultures to Central American/Mexican cultures and to even American culture, capturing the abstract, limitless characteristics that define a lively normality for many, students said.

They have involved student peers with trivia stories every Monday and posts of students showing their cultural side. Cooking demonstrations have been popular, as well as information about music and language.

The Bolles Culture Fair will be a weeklong event on the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus beginning April 6. This year, fair organizers also have aligned with the upper school English and World Languages departments to highlight poetry in various languages and from varied cultural backgrounds. A scavenger hunt and dance lessons also are new to the 2021 lineup. The 2021 Bolles Culture Fair schedule is as follows:

  • April 6: Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt
  • April 7: International Poetry Video Anthology – Students, faculty and families have been asked to send a video reading of a poem in any language or a translated poem. The video anthology will be presented on this day and is also part of International Education Week. Poem-reading videos are due March 31.
  • April 8: Indian Dance Class
  • April 9: Cultural Dress Day, students may wear jeans as long as they are representing their culture; the World Coffeehouse is that evening. Tickets for Coffeehouse go up for reservation March 31.

On April 9, the bell schedule will feature music offerings from cultures all over the world.

The Student Diversity Committee has been meeting remotely since January to plan fair activities. Early on, students split into committees to plan work efficiently and the results are professional and distinctive. The Culture Fair committee leaders are:

  • Aditi Ranjan ’23, Instagram Committee
  • Max Frohman ’22, Poster Committee
  • Su Ertekin-Taner ’22, Poetry Committee
  • Avani Bansal ’21, Cooking Video Commitee
  • Ava Sicker ’22, Music Committee