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Chinese Club Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival
two students stand on table selling moon cakes to group

By Alston Qin ’25

The date of the Mid-Autumn Festival is August 15 of the Chinese lunar calendar. This is a time when family members gather to enjoy the full moon – a symbol of family reunion – and eat moon cakes.

Last Friday, which was the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Bolles Chinese Club sold moon cakes and milk tea on the Upper School San Jose Campus. This event was organized by Alston Qin ’25, Luke Li ’25 and Yancin Chen ’24, with help from Cormac Kimberly ’23, Sofia Petrucelli ’23 and Isabella Lee ’25.

The club raised more than $300, and all proceeds will be donated to an orphanage in Guangxi Province, China.