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Chakravarty ’04 Holds Dance Master Class on Campus
chakravarty in dance class

Dr. Trina Chakravarty ’04, this spring’s Peak Perspective guest lecturer, held two master classes at Bolles during her late-April visit.

She hosted an Indian dance class in Lynch Theater for upper school dance students, then traveled to Parker Auditorium on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus to instruct dancers in the afternoon. Chakravarty also was a special alumni guest on campus April 27 during the Alumni River Party on the River Campus.

In addition to her expertise in Indian dance, Chakravarty is an obstetrics and gynecology doctor in New York. After completing her undergraduate studies from the University of Florida, she went to Florida State University Medical School and graduated with an MD degree in 2012. She is a former Miss India USA and Miss India World.

chakravarty teaching class