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Brain Brawl Pits Students Against Faculty
brain brawl


The Brain Brawl team, Bugle and Video Production Club hosted a mini Brain Brawl tournament April 30 in McGehee Auditorium.

Emceed by Andrew Dickson, the contest challenged the faculty team of Carrie Ezzell, Jack Fitch, Chris Gebauer, Laura Lane, Jim Lieb, Jimmy Lyons, Ashley McLeod, Mike Mulvey, Cormac O’Riordan and Steve Stam to fire up their collective neurons and out-answer the well qualified student team coached by Jen Stover. Competing students included Tyler Schimpff '22, Mac Walters '22, Faye Alexandre '21, Grace Maroon '21, Atticus Dickson '22, Ryan Gibbons '22 and Sam Tuttle '21.  This was the first opportunity the Bolles Brain Brawl team had to compete during the school year.

While the faculty team won, all enjoyed a fun-filled morning of trivia and normalcy onstage.