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#BollesBeautiful: A Fullness in the Quiet


Bolles campus pictures depict #BollesLife. They are a reminder to all Bulldogs that we are part of an extraordinary learning community that pursues excellence through courage, integrity and compassion. And for those who don’t know Bolles as intimately, the photos are an intriguing peek into an educational experience they might want to know better one day.  

Of course, our favorite images are the ones that feature students. These are the ones that make us smile. Faculty and staff see daily how students develop new ideas, sharpen uncommon interests and hone their strengths – and the happy afterglows that always ensue. While our incredible facilities, classrooms, buildings and resources are distinctive backdrops, Bolles students always shine the brightest in these photos.

Now that our favorite subjects have been temporarily removed from these spaces, we are left with a profound quiet. Yet, there remains a buzz, a fullness, a readiness to refill, re-energize and reemerge. We invite you to enjoy what remains on our beautiful Bolles campuses: stunning architecture, innovative spaces and inspiring places to thrive. These sites were born from a long tradition of excellence. They were built to develop students of character and quality. And they will be ready to welcome students back when the time is right. We look forward to seeing everyone on campus soon, more like the final image in this series!


Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus

george hall

George Hall was built several years ago to provide students with dedicated fine and performing arts space, a gymnasium and an outdoor amphitheater for campus gatherings.


The campus raised bed gardens are always alive with seasonal offerings that students study in science and enjoy in the dining hall.

Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus


A thick, mature tree canopy covers most of the riverfront campus, providing shade and a natural setting for students to enjoy.


The Treehouse Outdoor Learning Center, given through generous gifts from Bolles patrons three years ago, is usually an active spot for learning or meditating or just enjoying a cool breeze from the St. Johns River.

Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus

arts building

The Betsy Lovett Fine and Performing Arts Building is the epicenter of all things dance, chorus, drama, art and band on the Bartram Campus. This is a place that you can admire with your ears as much as your eyes and is always a hive of student activity.

campus building

Students enjoy congregating on our beautiful porches, patios and passageways – places that inspire memories of this campus’ Bartram School roots and college-like setting.

Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus


bolles hall

Beautiful flowers, trees and landscaping make the San Jose Campus an inspiring place to learn for students, who usually provide the hustle and bustle just beyond.

bolles hall breezeway

The covered walkways around Bolles Hall and leading down to Commencement Pointe are beautiful passageways for spirited walks to classes with friends or to the bluff overlooking the St. Johns River. Commencement Pointe is the spot where students begin and end their senior year – from the Senior Breakfast to their Commencement ceremony.