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Bolles Speech Team Captures Top Honors at Tournament
Bolles Speech Team group picture

The Bolles School Speech Team recently competed in a tournament held at Fletcher Middle School in Jacksonville Beach.

With about 35 middle and high schools present and 250 students competing in several speech and debate events, the Bolles Speech Team captured top honors, earning an impressive 10 Championships overall.

Team members received top individual awards in numerous middle, novice and varsity categories. Top individual results included:

Unsh Majithia ’25                         Champion Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking

Aarav Gandhi ’26                         Champion Varsity Impromptu Speaking
Sohan Patel ’27                             2nd place Novice Impromptu Speaking
Esha Kasavaraju ’26                    3rd place Varsity Impromptu Speaking

Ada Ertekin-Taner ’27                 2nd place Novice Oratorical Declamation

Elizabeth McClure ’25                 Champion Varsity Dramatic Performance
Mya Nargassans ’27                     Champion Novice Dramatic Performance
Sharanya Galipalli ’25                  2nd place Novice Dramatic Performance

Sofia Ayaz ’30/Shyla Patel ’30   Champions Middle School Duo Interpretation

Tudor Vlad ’27                               Champion Novice Informative Speaking
Adi Yadav ’28                                 Champion Middle School Informative Speaking
Aariz Zuberi ’28                            2nd place Middle School Informative Speaking

Beatrice Cohen ’28                       Champion Middle School Just Talk
Diya Kar ’30                                   2nd place Middle School Just Talk
Aksh Majithia ’30                         3rd place Middle School Just Talk
Ishaan Bansal ’29                         4th place Middle School Just Talk

Veda Galipalli ’29                         Champion Oral Interpretation of Literature

Akash Gusani ’28                         Champion Novice Original Oratory

Members of the Bolles Speech Team total 50 in number on both the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus and the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus. Competitors rehearse individually before, during or after school with Bolles middle school history and speech communications teacher Bob Hutchings, who is the director/coach of the team.

The Bolles Speech Team is now preparing for the State Tournament on April 20 in Orlando. Last year, the team captured seven individual state championships in addition to earning top honors for both the middle and upper school teams. #BulldogProud