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Bolles Plays Make 2021 Stage Debut With PVB Grade 3 Performance
pvb grade 3 play

Third graders on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus helped launch the 2021-22 arts season at Bolles with the first lower school stage performance of the school year. Under the direction of music and drama teacher Stacey Posick, students shared a fantastic show, "Swamped!" on the George Hall stage October 12. The smoky, green-lit set included slithery large snakes, an alligator and trees demonstrating a swamp theme.

Posick said the story was about how critters in the swamp worked together to throw a party for the turtles who took a really long time to arrive. She said some of the lessons learned were having "courage no matter what challenges come your way -- we are all in this together!"

Students were costumed as various animals including tadpoles/frogs, insects, turtles, birds and ducks. Many concepts from the play were straight from their science curriculum -- including tadpoles turning into frogs! Following an early morning dress rehearsal, students shared their performance twice that day – once for parents and peers and a final show for their remaining peer audience. The show is the first of many student performances this year on campus. Each grade level is showcased onstage during the school year, and all students perform in the holiday concerts in December. Bravo, Bulldogs! For photos from the performance, visit our online gallery. For a video of the show, enjoy it via this link.