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Bolles Hosts First-Ever Virtual Grandparents’ Day Festivities
grandparents day photo

In another history-maker for the School record book, the Bolles Parent Association hosted its first-ever virtual Grandparents’ Day. The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizers to re-think  plans for the much-anticipated annual event, which typically is held in classrooms and auditoriums on all four Bolles campuses. This year, grandparents and special friends stayed home and the Bolles hospitality came to them.

Bolles President and Head of School Tyler Hodges welcomed grandparents in a special video message, which was followed by campus tours, messages from key administrators, sweet videos and links to photo galleries. Ahead of the event, attendees were given the opportunity to write their grandchildren via special note cards. Students on campus also enjoyed the festivities, which included wrapped and safely stored cookies for all in the classrooms.

“We hope this ‘first’ of a Grandparents’ Day will help give you a sense of our Bolles community – and the important part your student plays in its success,” Hodges said. “In this historic moment, I am grateful for your health, your family and the opportunity to be together in such memorable times.”

To watch the presentations from Grandparents Day 2020, click this link. For a collection of photos students shared with grandparents and special friends, visit the following links: San Jose, Bartram, Whitehurst and Ponte Vedra Beach.