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Bolles Crew Wins City and District Titles
Crew District

Bolles Crew competed at the North District Championship March 26-27. The middle school team raced on Friday against teams from Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Gainesville winning the boys 8+ and placing second in the girls 8+ and mixed 8+. Saturday, the upper school team competed in 20 events, winning the City Team Title for the second year in a row and retaining the district team title since 2018. The upper school team now prepares for Sculling States on April 9-11.

Bolles North Florida District Championship Results:

  • Boys Middle School 8+- 1st
  • Girls Middle School 8+- 2nd
  • Mixed Middle School 8+- 2nd
  • Mens Ltwt 1x- 1st
  • Mens Varsity 8+- 1st
  • Mens 2nd Varsity 8+- 1st
  • Mens 3rd Varsity 8+- 1st
  • Mens Freshmen 8+- 1st
  • Mens Varsity 4x- 1st
  • Mens Jr 4x- 1st
  • Mens Jr 2x- 2nd
  • Womens Lightweight 4x- 2nd
  • Mens Ltwt 2x- 2nd
  • Mens Freshmen 2x- 2nd
  • Womens Freshmen 4x- 2nd
  • Womens Jr 8+- 2nd
  • Mens Freshmen 4x- 2nd
  • Mens Ltwt 4x- 3rd
  • Womens Jr 4+- 3rd
  • Womens Varsity 2x- 3rd
  • Mens Varsity 2x- 3rd
  • Mens Varsity 1x- 3rd
  • Mens Jr 1x- 4th