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Bolles Athletics Named Best in State by MaxPreps
MaxPreps Best in State

On July 9, MaxPreps announced its listing of the top high school athletic programs in each of the 50 states over the

last three years. Bolles is the top program in Florida and ranks among the highest point totals in the nation. Using the MaxPreps Cup formula, which annually determines the top high school athletic programs in the nation and each state, MaxPreps has produced a map showing the most dominant school in each state over the past three years (the length of time that MaxPreps has been calculating MaxPreps Cup state rankings).

The MaxPreps Cup is a formula that awards points to state champions and runners-up in nearly 20 sports. Points are weighted with more points going to larger states than smaller states, more popular sports (as determined by NFHS participation numbers), state enrollment playoff division and the number of teams competing in each playoff division. Programs are also awarded points for being named in national rankings for various sports.

The Most Dominant MaxPreps Cup by State programs are calculated by adding up their MaxPreps Cup formula total for the past three seasons. The most dominant school is listed with its three-year total. View the complete listing and map at