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Bolles Admission Welcomes New Lower School Bulldogs
welcome to bolles

Administrators from the Bolles Office of Admission, joined by Bolles faculty and staff, welcomed new Bulldogs to the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst and Ponte Vedra Beach Campuses during two “drive-through” receptions in early June.

Teachers and staff lined the campus drives to regaled new students and their families, who paraded through campus in their cars. New students received information packets as well as Bolles swag and spirit during their visit.

The two lower school drive-through admission events were the last of three administrators planned for the end of the school year. The team hosted a similar event in late-May on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus. The campus welcome parades were a fun and creative way to circumvent COVID protocols and give new students a taste of their new campus families.

Welcome to Bolles, new Bulldogs! For photos from the two lower school events, visit our online gallery.

welcome to bolles