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‘Bloom Balls’ Help 6th Graders Put Reading in Perspective
bloom ball

What looks like a stunning paper sculpture installation on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus is actually the culmination of an independent reading assignment in Joy Chatani’s Grade 6 English class.

Chatani and fellow Grade 6 English teacher Alicia Henderson have been focusing on independent reading initiatives to help increase their students' love of reading. During the months they weren't reading a whole class novel, students were given two genres or formats to focus on for their Book of the Month, Catani explained. January's Book of the Month covered the fantasy genre or students could select a graphic novel from a genre of their choice.

As part of their reading challenge, students in both classes were tasked with making “Bloom Balls” about the books they read. Part artistic endeavor part higher-level thinking assignment, the project required students to analyze their book through all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy – a classification system used to define and distinguish different levels of human cognition including thinking, learning and understanding. “Bloom Balls” are a series of 12 circles on which students discussed and depicted setting, character traits and other themes from their books. The 12 circles were then connected and fashioned into a 3D model, which were eventually pilled next to others in the class.

Henderson's projects are hanging in her classroom artistically while Chatani calls her presentation pile the "Mountain of Imagination."

It's art meets written word in the English hallways of the Bartram Campus!

bloom bals