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Black History Point of Focus Campus-wide This Month
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Students on all four campuses are recognizing and celebrating Black history in their classes and activities this month.

Bolles Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Twyla Ashman said resources were provided to teachers on both lower school campuses and teachers are making their own plans accordingly during class and resource times. First graders on the Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus, for example, enjoyed a recent lesson on Lonnie Johnson, a Black engineer and inventor of the super-soaker water toy. Following the lesson, students applied Johnson’s invention to a friendly playground super-soaker battle.

Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus Head Stacey Hendershot has been encouraging faculty to find and share stories of famous Black scientists, singers, artists, counselors and tech experts with their students using many of the resources available to them in the Ponte Vedra Beach Library. She has been incorporating poems, quotes and stories into the campus’ morning announcement and students have been presenting poems by Black authors during the campus Flag convocations. More classroom lessons and events are planned on both campuses through the entirety of the month.

On the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus, students are participating in a Civil Rights project via advisory throughout the month and Grade 8 students will present their projects during a convocation at the end of February. Ashman said students will be assigned an influential Black figure in Florida’s past or present history, research that person’s legacy and make a project using their creativity to share with their peers.

The Black Student Union is planning a special Black History Month presentation for the upper school student body on February 8. The group also is hosting a kickball tournament during Activities on February 15-17, with proceeds benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida. The BSU is organizing a Black Business Expo on campus February 25.