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Bartram Rocks!
hidden rock

Bolles Band Director Maggie Vance has a sweet surprise awaiting students on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus. What, where, why? Because in case you didn’t know, Bartram…ROCKS!

Vance and beginning band member daughter Ella Vance ‘27 have been decorating rocks this summer passing time during the pandemic. They created quite a collection of small, colorfully designed stones and came up with a fun way to share them. Last week, they brought the many-hued menagerie to the Bartram Campus and hid them in and around school buildings, trees, landscaping and facilities. Vance hopes this will strike a chord with students returning to campus in the coming weeks.

“The rules are, if you find one you can hide it in a different location,” Vance explained in a post on the Bolles Music Class Instagram page. “If you want to keep it, you need to replace it with another rock you made. Good luck!”

hidden rock
colorful rocks