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Bartram Clubs in Full Swing, Grita
spanish club

School service and special interest clubs on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus have been meeting in recent weeks during Activities period. The clubs give students an opportunity to delve further into service opportunities, learn about club leadership and management and commune with students who share similar interests or passions.

Some of the clubs meeting recently include: Chess, Dancing with Love, Dungeons and Dragons, Butterfly Garden, Kids for Kids, Library Media Ambassadors, Math Counts, Minecraft, Robotics, Student Community Council, Speech and Debate and Spanish.

Club meetings give students the opportunity to dig in a little deeper to an area of interest – and have fun! In a recent Spanish Club meeting with Sras. Wood and Smith, students enjoyed two videos covering the history and celebration of Mexican Independence Day and learned the significance of the flag of Mexico. During the gathering, students were encouraged to share a traditional grita, or a common Mexican interjection – in this case, shouting “Viva!” during a video of Mexican Independence Day celebration in Mexico City. Food and games also are often a draw for club time at Bartram.

Viva clubs and service work at Bartram!