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Bartram Advisories Time for Peer Connections, Play
students in advisories

Last week was a great example of the many ways Bolles students connect on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus. Students convene weekly in advisories across campus to meet with their advisor and fellow group members. During this time, advisors lead discussions, share important campus information and plan activities that will help students get to know one another and grow in their friendships. Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) leaders meet with sixth grade Bulldog peers every Thursday to help the campus’ youngest peers navigate middle school life. Last week, WEB leaders played games with students to see how many times they could hit a balloon to keep it up in the air with no double taps. Later, students of all ages on campus enjoyed “paired advisories” activities to expand friendships across campus. Students decided on their group activities, which included fun challenges like water cup relay, web untangling, hanging out, playing Four Square and many more games. Connecting with peers and faculty on campus is an important mission on the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus!