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Barefoot Baobab Shares Beat, Tales With PVB Students

During two animated performances in George Hall on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus, Barefoot Baobab captivated students with music and folk stories.

Group founder Don Laurin Johnson uses traditional storytelling as an enticement to read. Barefoot Baobob believes “reading is an invitation to hope, to dream, and to create. So, at the foot of the Baobab tree we will travel and learn. We will sing and we will dance. We will celebrate. Because here we are all special, and our words are treasured.

The group’s Book Beats “edu-tainment” presentation includes griots, or storytellers, taking students on an international journey of discovery. Using original rhymes and world folklore, the storytellers help students explore history, science and language arts.

Students participated with dance and song response, making a lively setting in George Hall. For more photos from a performance, visit our online gallery.