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Allen ’23 Speaks with Students About Traveling in China
Jeb Allen '23 and current Bolles students in classroom

Jeb Allen ’23 (in POTUS shirt) and Bolles upper school students in Chinese III Honors make hand signs indicating peace and love, which are very popular gestures while taking pictures in China/Asia.

By Amir Chahlavi ’25

On Friday, January 12, Jeb Allen ’23, a Bolles alumnus and freshman at Amherst College, returned to the Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus to speak with the Chinese III Honors class about a month-long travel experience in China this past summer.

He shared photos of his travels though several different Chinese cities and spoke about his impressions of more rural areas in western China and the history of the Great Wall. Allen discussed the interesting phenomena of beautiful, ancient areas of China that are also incredibly technologically advanced.

He also shared his experience learning Chinese in both upper school and college and spoke about his current college life at Amherst. #BollesGlobal