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‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ in Bolles Public Speaking
picture of a public speaking presentation

Students in Marie Kervin’s upper school Public Speaking class have been sharing presentations this week about various topics to practice their oratory skills in a virtual realm.

Kervin said two students talked about seeing the planet from above, one from space and one from the bird’s eye view of an eagle, while another student shared a presentation about inspiring people who help others.

“They have all been so uplifting and joyous,” Kervin said.

One, she said, was particularly  moving. Student Will Stankard talked about how music means so much to him. One of the examples he used was “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” by Marvin Gaye. The song is important to him, he said, because he remembers fondly how then Whitehurst third grade teacher Teresa Hudson would play it each morning in their classroom. He explained that the song was about a time rich in memories and full of fun, learning and friendships. Kervin recounted Stankard’s happy reflections to Hudson, who was thrilled to know how meaningful that time was for her former student.

“I loved teaching him in third grade,” Hudson responded. “That was a sweet group of kids and we had such a fun and caring feel in the classroom.  I still like using music as transitions in class.”